Who can use Panda popup cards

The giant panda is a well known species that is being driven to extinction by habitat loss.  The giant panda eats bamboo and only bamboo. There is so little nutrition in bamboo that they have to eat for more than 14 hours a day to get the calories they need. They eat 30 to 80 pounds of bamboo parts a day.  They don’t even have time to stop and hibernate. Without a bamboo forest on which to feed, all the pandas will die.

People spend a lot of money, time and effort keeping pandas alive, which mean the same resources could adequately preserve dozens of other endangered critters. In a welcome piece of good news for the world’s threatened wildlife, the giant panda has just been downgraded from ‘Endangered’ to ‘Vulnerable’ on the global list of species at risk of extinction, demonstrating how an integrated approach can help save our planet’s vanishing biodiversity.

The result is due to the efforts and donations of organizations and individuals who have jointly protected the animals and their habitats.


What is the relationship between panda popup card and animal protection?

The first thing to say is because panda is a symbol of WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature)

Therefore, when you are a unit, an animal protection association, use a popup card with a panda symbol as a gift to give along with propaganda messages or call for donations to the fund animal protection,or thank you card.

At events, researchseminars of the organization,you can use panda popup cards offer to visitors.

If you are a normal person or individual, use the floating panda card for the first reason is the lovely beauty, followed by the transmission of animal love to the recipient. So you can use it to give as a gift on the occasion of the New Year, birthday, holiday…

You also do not take much time to choose the right gift for the recipient, because the panda popup card is suitable for everyone, from the elderly, middle-aged, to small children,any gender.

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