What do you know about peacock-style weddings

 A peacock wedding theme begins with a vibrant wedding color palette and includes lavish elements that together create a mod, chic wedding for the 21st century.

Peacock wedding accessories feature vibrant colors of blues, greens and golds. Your wedding will be unique and exotic with a peacock wedding theme. Choose from peacock themed accessories including guest books, stickers, favors and more. From invitations to decorations your wedding will be talked about for years to come!

Peacock Wedding Color Palette

The obvious color scheme with a peacock wedding theme is blue, green, and gold. Greens from bright emerald to grass green, bright colors like pink, coral, purple, and orange as accents

You can find wedding inspiration inside the iridescent feathers of a peacock. From indigo and green to turquoise and plum, the shimmering shades of plumage offer a variety of jewel-tone wedding color combos.

The vibrant hues and intricate patterns create a classy, yet contemporary look. Elaborate stationery designs with feathery details help reflect your peacock wedding theme.


Bridesmaid And Flower Girl Dresses

Dressing up for a wedding was never this fun! Sheer teal gowns or green with faint gold accents, coupled with peacock feather or crystal embellished headpieces to complete the style, are perfect for the bridesmaids. If you find the headpieces too bizarre and loud, then go in for purple or pink corsages. Choose apple green or pale lavender net, satin or lace dresses for the flower girls, along with pretty pink or purple flower headbands.

Bridal Gown

This is the tricky part. Dressing in a peacock inspired gown on your wedding day is risky business, mostly because you don’t want to look like you’re dressed for an masquerade ball. While there are many vibrantly colored couture wedding gowns that fit the bill, you run the risk of overdoing the theme. Instead, I would recommend going with a white or cream gown embellished with colored Swarovski crystals, along with a brightly colored bouquet. This would make the bridal gown stand out in the sea of colorfully dressed bridesmaids and flower girls.

Peacock Inspired Decorations

Work the theme into the decorations as subtly as possible. A flash of purple, lavender, and cobalt blue in the general scheme of cream or white hues will have a more delicate effect than decorating entirely in striking shades. Vases with purple or fuchsia colored flowers, gold detailing on napkins or dinnerware, a single peacock feather centerpiece, purple ribbons are some ideas you can try.

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