What can you do to save the panda?

Pandas have now been named an endangered species, this means that there is a chance there could be no more left in the wild if we don’t look after them.  But being an endangered species means they receive a lot of protection and many people are working to help them find the right habitat.

Many pandas now live in nature reserves where their habitat is protected. In a nature reserve people cannot build roads or houses or cut down the pandas bamboo forests. This gives them more space to move around and find food without coming into contact with humans.

These nature reserves are helping pandas to find enough food and shelter to live safely. Thanks to their creation, the number of pandas in the wild is slowly increasing and it is hoped they will continue to grow in number to reach a safe level again.


You can make a big impact by making some simple changes in your daily lifestyle to protecting panda through actions like

+ Donate to a conservation organization. The most immediate way to help giant pandas is by giving a gift to a protective organization like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) or Pandas International

Donation will contribute towards a variety of initiatives, including:

Nature reserve protection to ensure that the reserve borders are patrolled and no illegal hunting or logging takes place inside them;

Community development projects such as providing wood saving stoves to limit the impact of wood-fuel harvesting on the panda’s forests;

Research and monitoring work, such as setting up infrared cameras to record panda movements in the Minshan and Qinling Mountains.

+ Choosing wood products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC-certified forest products are from responsibly harvested and verified sources. Look for the FSC certification on bamboo products, too.

+ Buy panda-related merchandise from conservation organizations. Organizations like the WWF, Pandas International, and zoos sell panda gifts and gear. You can buy stickers, calendars, mugs, and other items. The proceeds help the organizations fund their operations

+ Tell others about protecting giant pandas. Spread the word about panda preservation. Talking about pandas and the environment can encourage others to join in the conservation effort. They can always reduce their conservation efforts, donate, or recycle

+ Share conservation news on social media. Post any news articles or updates relating to giant pandas.

+ Choose recreational activities that are safe for the environment. Whether you’re home or on vacation, respect nature. Avoid souvenirs that are made from animal products.

+ Help spread the word about WWF and send a greeting card to your friends and family.

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Source: animals.sandiegozoo.org  and wikihow.com

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