The Seal popup card 3d

Seals are highly intelligent animals and trainable so often used for balancing tricks in circus.

The Seals are awkward on land, where they flop along on their bellies, but they are agile and flexible in water. They can swim forward, backward and upside-down and up to 12 miles an hour. They sometimes sleep nearly submerged in water, exposing only the tip of their nose to the air—a posture called “bottling.” The lenses of harbor seals’ eyes are enlarged and adapted for focusing on light refracted in the water. Their sense of hearing is also specifically adapted for hearing the movement of prey under the water.

Harbor seals eat fish, shellfish and crustaceans like shrimp and crabs. Depending on what they’re hunting, they will dive between 300 and 1,500 feet. During a dive, their nostrils close and their heart rate slows from 100 beats per minute to about 5 beats per minute, allowing them to stay underwater as long as 35 minutes.

Female harbor seals usually mate and give birth every year beginning at age 3 to 5. Pregnancy lasts 10-11 months, including a 2+-month delayed implantation. Pups are born between February and April, weigh 20-24 pounds, and are nursed for about 24 days. They are ready to swim minutes after being born.

Under ideal conditions, harbor seals live an average of 15 to 20 years in the wild and 25-30 years in zoos. Males tend to have a shorter lifespan, probably because of the stresses of fighting each other between breeding seasons.


Seals so friendly toward humans, any humans view seals as a water creature that is fun to look at. Many humans no conscious about destroying the natural habitat for these seals in order to meet their own selfish needs.

Seals are very often negatively impacted by the pollution that humans release into the water and into the air. Particulars including smog, smoke, and more can affect their breathing. When there are oil spills or chemical spills in the water it can destroy a large number of seals very quickly.

Careful observation of seals from humans has allowed us to learn a great deal about them. We understand their intelligence as well as their place in the balance of things that affect all of us. It is through such interactions of humans and seals that conservation efforts including protection and awareness have been created. There has to be a way for humans and seals to live in harmony. For that to occur, we need to respect their natural environment. We also need to pay attention to what we are doing in the way of pollution.


Seal popup card

With the hope to the protection of Seals, we have created an Seal Popup card to  raising awareness about environmental protection in each human. When you use this popup card to give someone else, besides the symbolic and meanings of otters, it spreads animal love to everyone.


Due to the meaning of this symbol, we believe this 3D popup card is a perfect gift choice to help you express your cheerful to your loved ones.

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