The Owl popup card 3d

In Native American culture, owls are associated with magic, clairvoyance and astral travel. Owls are birds of the night – they have the power to see the unseen in the blackest of darkness, to hunt for food and fly silently through the night.

The owl is a symbol of wisdom and all-seeing knowledge. The Greek goddess Athena was often pictured with an owl on her shoulder who had the power to reveal hidden secrets.

Owl energy helps you to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition. It can aid with clairvoyance and the ability to see through deception to the truth of a situation.

To have an owl symbol can aid in the intention to increase your wisdom or intuitive skills. Some activities that can help support this connection include dreams and meditation.

Images of owls are often compared to students who study hard. The long nights spent plying the books of students are like owls hunting.

Therefore, we chose the owl as the main character for the Graduation Greeting card. This will be a very unique gift for graduates who are about to graduate from high school. The Owl pop-up card will surely make the recipient excited and surprised. When opening the card, the model of owl pops up in front of them.

Owl Graduation Card – Congratulation 3D Popup Card has a light brown cover. On the card cover is an image of an owl standing on a tree. He wears big glasses, a black bachelor’s cap on his head, brown fur and a white beard. He is keeping the graduation certificate in hand.

Owl Popup Card Owl Popup Card
Owl Popup Card Owl Popup Card

The pop-up card has done by a high quality of paper art. Crafted handmade, design in the 3D model, this is a perfect greeting card for congratulation for anyone.

The Owl 3D popup card manufacturer in Vietnam, if you want to buy in bulk and have a lower price please contact me.

Best service for you to choose :

+ With a meaning of congratulation and genuine wish, this card is perfect as a graduation card or graduation invitations.

+ People who receive the card will be surprised when he or she opens the card and see the creative crafts inside.

+ Innovative design and vivid color add a cute and interesting touch to liven up your wishes written in the card.

+ Ideal gift to express your blessing to friends, classmates on that special day.

+ Each pack include Pop-up card, Thank you and meaning; Wishing note paper; yellow emulsion Envelope, Poly bag to cover and protect al.


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