Rose Flower Popup Card

Valentine Day is nearly upon us and some shop are adorned with red colored hearts, red pillows, heart-shaped balloons, and cannot be without red roses..

Valentine Day is synonymous with the color red as red is universally accepted as being the color of true love and romance. Red signifies passion, love and a depth of feelings.

Red Roses are often given to a loved one – but do you know what they really mean?

The arrival of Valentine’s Day also brings along various reasons to give gifts to your partner and surprise them. Two of the most common gifts during Valentine’s season are chocolates and roses.

Roses are a symbol of love, admiration, peace, respect, enchantment, attraction and many more things. Roses say a lot of things, without the sender having to say any more.

Red roses are the most attractive of all rose colors. They signify passion, deep, mad and crazy love. If you are on the receiving end of red roses, you are loved by the sender.

Red roses are a universal symbol for love and passion. Give red roses to the one and only; the love of your life, your life partner, your girlfriend or someone you love deeply.

Valentine Day is celebrated not just with love and life partners, but also with friends, family & other important people in our lives. In these cases, it’s not necessary for you give a red rose to everyone you want to wish a happy Valentine’s day.


As we all know, roses are available in many different colors. So you can choose the rose color to give to some one depending on your relationship and meaning of them.

Yellow roses are a sign of happiness, they are not indicative of love. If you’re looking to give somebody a gift for their friendship and support, a yellow rose or roses will meet your needs. They are most often used to cheer up people and make them happy!

White roses essentially signify purity and innocence. They could also be used to ask for peace or forgiveness. If somebody wants to mend things with you or fix up a broken relationship, they are could present you with white roses. Give somebody a white rose to express sympathy, empathy or peace.

Pink roses suggest gratefulness or appreciation. If somebody wants to say “thank you” to you, they would most probably give you a light pink rose. It could also be a sign that the person really admires or adores you.

Orange roses signify enchantment, admiration and desire. You are likely to receive orange roses if somebody feels passionately about you and has deep desire to see you and/or be with you. If you are extremely attracted to somebody and they just keep drawing you close to them with their aura, present them with orange roses.

Now that you know, which color roses stand for what, make sure you send your love the right color roses and make their Valentine Day rosy and special with your love.


In addition to the fresh flowers, if you choose to give Chocolates to your lover, please enclose a red rose popup card or love popup card with any symbol for the love.

Each of our popup cards comes with a paper envelope, the outside is covered with a plastic bag to protect. Your lover will be very happy and surpris when receive the love popup card with your sincere words written by hand on the card.

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