Raptor Dinosaur 3D model pop-up card

The Image of raptor dinosaur has been using in the greeting card manufacturing industry. They use other types of dinosaur for many different purposes such as birthday cards and for celebrate any occasion.

In the world of toys, dinosaur images are also used to produce compelling models and toys for children. Today masks and clothes simulating the dinosaurs are also well received by children and are being sold on many online stalls. Realistic Dinosaur Costume is a type of dinosaur that is a full bodysuit. Therefore, it gives the wearer appearance of a dinosaur.

You’ve probably seen the famous movie about a dinosaur called: Jurassic Park’s Dinosaurs”, and a million other cartoon movies use an image of them.

The velociraptor is the first dinosaur seen in Jurassic Park. In the second movie, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, a Velociraptor pack inhabits the abandoned Village on Isla Sorna. In Jurassic Park III, the raptors have more color schemes. In Jurassic World, a pack of Velociraptors each with their own names, Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

The movie cartoon dinosaurs have many types to choose from and make the movie so much fun with children. Some with spikes, some with horns, some with fins, all of them in multicolor!

From all of the above factors, the idea of ​​designing a Dinosaur 3d model in the pop-up paper card came to me.

We are very impressed with the image  Raptor Dinosaur, we have been searched and found scientific accuracy to starts of rough shapes, size, to design with composition and make sure everything until they have a looking the best.

The next is collection certain palettes that we can use base on the color trends to use. we know that one of the favorite dinosaurs from the whole movie is the Velociraptor known as “Blue”. So we decided to make a Raptor Dinosaurs greeting card in “blue Turkish”.

We adding some shades and highlights like orange eyes, black nail, and adding some black and dark blue stripe that runs from the eye orbit to the tip of Raptor.


Our Raptor Dinosaurs 3D pop-up card will make anyone surprise when they open it, a model will pop-up features a silhouette of the velociraptor Blue.

This pop-up card can be used to celebrate any occasion, from a birthday, an anniversary, or to simply share a memory with a special one; all of our cards come blank, making them perfect to celebrate any occasion!

The model of 3D Raptor Dinosaurs 3D pop-up card can give to children to help them  visualize a raptor dinosaur, given to people who love animals and care about Dinosaurs.

In each 3D pop-up card made from material high-quality paper art, with an envelope, notepaper sealed in a cellophane bag. Size 15 x 15cm (5,9 x 5,9 inches) is a suitable greeting card to give your loved one a special and meaningful gift.

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