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Showing Your Loyalty With Sunflower Pop Up Greeting Card

Sunflower Pop Up card

Sunflower Pop Up card

Sunflower is derived from loyal and eternal love. According to Greek mythology, there was a mermaid who deeply loved the sun god but was unrequited. The mermaid kept watching year after year, but the sun god was very indifferent and never noticed her.

After that, the gods felt the mermaid was very pitiful and used magic to turn her into a flower that people often call the sunflower. This flower, when growing, is usually facing the sun.

Therefore, you can completely give your girlfriend this card to show the fidelity of your love.

The inspiration for the Sunflower Pop Up Card:

Sun Flower Pop Up Cards

Sun Flower Pop Up Cards

  • When you open the card you will see a bunch of shiny yellow sunflowers appear. The product is a miniature work for feminine girls, nature lovers, flowers.
  • The card was created as a testament to the unfailing, unaltered, loyal love
  • Crafted with love – Our ultimate goal is to bring you the best product with outstanding quality. Each of our 3D pop-up animal cards is laser cut on good quality cardstock, hand-assembled with a high degree of precision such that you get a professional popup greeting card.

Occasions for the Sunflower Pop Up Card:

Sunflower Pop Up card

Sunflower Pop Up card

This card will be a cool present for any recipient. You can give it to your boyfriends, your girlfriend instead of words you want to say. Or you can simply give your friend a birth month with this flower to honor your friend.

The Sunflower pop-up card template can also be a great decoration on your desk.


A beautiful 3D pop-up card with a white envelope, a polybag, and a paper note.


15 x 15cm (5,9 x 5,9 inches)