Birthday Cake Pop Up Card



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Birthday cake popup card: Size 5.9 x 5.9 inch.

Material: paper art high quality and eco-friendly printing.

All products 3d popup greeting cards are packaged with envelope and plastic bag available adhesive. You can write a few words of sweetly blessing on card or the envelope.

3D popup card of Birthday is one of gift for someone you want to impress, ensuring a wonderful surprise for your loved one when they open it.


In modern life, everything is sold by industrial production products, a 3d popup card hand-made will be a meaningful birthday gift, giving the recipient the feel of sincere heart.

This is a unique gift with meaning to express your feelings for the recipient. Birthday Cake is one of lots 3D Birthday cake popup card and one of our favorite designs to celebrate a birthday!

3D Pop up card is Carving by the automatic USA laser cutting machine to make sure every incision is absolutely smooth and no glitches, every hollow carved incision are meticulous and beautifully. Designed by the professional team, 3d popup card hand-assembled by the omega replica skilled worker, installation to ensure the most perfect 3D pop up model.


When opened gently by the details are manually connected crafted by hand. Rarely there is some slightly different color and detail due handmade and different product range from the paper material.

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