Popup card Koala Bear

When Koala Bears are born they’re about the size only of a Bee. This  makes Koala joeys super vulnerable, but by taking one step at a time, Koala mums help their little ones grow to be strong and independent while the baby is safely ensconced in a pouch.

The mother koalas start showing aggressive behavior towards their 12 months old joeys and don’t let them sit on their back. This keeps on happening and after sometime a joey understands that it’s the right time to leave and live on my own.

It might seem a bit heartless, but Koala mums ‘cut ties’ once their Koala kids can ‘stand on their own two feet’, to claim their own strength and independence.


Maybe like that so Koala Bear as a Power Animal in your mystical or mundane life. When you dream of the koala, you should take a moment to step back and look at the defenses you have set up around yourself in your waking life. Are they still protecting you, or have you grown so much that they have started hampering and constricting you? The things you have been shielding yourself from in the past may already be just trivial happenings today.

The Koala spirit animal brings stillness and quietude in your life. The life never seems to stop, it often creates so much discomfort in our lives. The koala teaches you to be at peace with the flow of nature,  enjoy comfort in solitary conditions.

The koala comes into your life meaning that you desire to break off from depending on others. You need to enjoy your own freedom, to do whatever you want with your time.

Popup card Mother and baby Koala made in high quality paper art by handmade and have sizes15 x 15cm sizes (5.9 x 5.9 inches).



The Koala popup card is perfect to give to your mom, aunt, grandma, sister on Mother’s Day, friends on their birthday or anyone who loves animals. You can offer this popup card to your children when they reach adulthood, when they get married, or someone who has just given birth, which is a truly meaningful gift to them.

The baby Koala live in pouches where their young stay until fully developed is a respectable image, this is the main reason that we have created a 3D popup card Koala.

Order now via Amazon via this link: https://cutpopup.com/product/popup-card-koala-bear/

Source: thesecretofthetarot.com, whatismyspiritanimal.com


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