Moose popup card for anyone

Unlike paper greeting cards, when open the popup card you or your family and friends will be surprised. The model 3d of moose will appear on the greeting card.

The moose is a spirit animal use many for greeting card image for a long time. They use the moose to send the symbolism and meaning of the moose.

Moose are often seen magical and highly spiritual beings and great symbolical energy is ascribed to them, in all parts of the world they live in. Moose symbolism is particularly strong amongst Native American traditions. They are appreciated and admired, being one of the first totem and power animals in these areas.

Get a moose popup card 3d to have a moose as your totem animal means that you are courageous, communal, loving, wise, fast, and awe-inspiring, embracing your strength, you need to confront all odds and emerge victoriously.

They are good representations of our character and they give us a rough idea about how we behave. Totems are our protecting forces that lead us through life and teach us how to use the best of our abilities. When we learn how to keep track of them, we can become better people and more powerful human beings.

When the moose spirit animal appears to you, know that you are being encouraged to create an atmosphere in your life that will attract love and make love flourish. Listen to what your heart is telling you and let it fill your life!

moose pop-up card

The 3d popup cards are folded and they come with envelopes, paper-note, meaning message, you can send to everyone for every occasion as a gift.

Anyone who loves wildlife is sure to appreciate these depictions of the mighty moose model. You can prop them up at a favorite spot of your home like on the table or the bookshelves like a decoration as well.

Moose 3D popup cards design with their level of details and come with eco- friendly paper. He is in yellow skin, has huge antlers, long faces and a flap of skin known as a bell sways beneath each moose’s throat, he is standing on a big log to observe

Each popup card measures 15×15 cm (5.9 x 5.9 inches)  includes an envelope, paper-note, meaning, put in protected by the plastic clear bag.

When you register and place an order, you will get a 7% discount on the total cost, and reduce at least 50% shipping and free when the total order greater than 15 pieces.

If you have a need to design and make custom 3d pop-up cards, simulate models animals, building, product… as pop-up cards, please contact me via email address.

In the coming time, we also provide KID packages with 3d pop-up card model for order and you can assemble to make a popup card at your home.



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