Family zebra popup card for family members

Zebras have black fur with white stripes and predominantly white bellies. Their feet are capped with a singular, hard hoof, which packs a punch when kicked at predators. They have large, rounded ears with lots of hair to keep dust out of them. Their tail has long, black hair that begins approximately midway down the tail, while the top is striped.

Zebras and most members of the family sleep while standing. Members of the horse family can actually be injured by lying down for long periods, because their own body weight can damage their internal organs.

Zebras are highly social creatures and different species have different social structures. In some species, one stallion guards a harem of females, while other species remain in groups, but do not form strong social bonds. They can frequently change herd structure, and will change companions every few months.


A zebra’s stripy coat is thought to disperse more than 70 percent of incoming heat, preventing the animal from overheating in the African sun. In addition to keeping zebras cool, it’s thought that a zebra’s stripes also serve to help camouflage the animal in long grass, and distract predators. The zebra uses the nature of its stripes to confuse and dazzle predators. It creates an illusion of reality to ensure its own survival.

Within a herd, zebras tend to stay together in smaller family groups, made up of a dominant male, several females (called ‘mares’) and their young (called ‘foals’). When they are between one and three years old, males (or ‘stallions’) leave to join ‘bachelor herds’ (all-male groups), where they stay until they’re old enough and strong enough to compete for females.

When under threat, these awesome animals form a semi-circle facing the attacker, and prepare to strike if need be. And if one of the group is wounded or injured, other zebras will circle around and attempt to drive off the hungry attacker. All for one and one for all!

Zebras stripe pattern is unique for each animal like fingerprints for humans. From their stripes to their social behavior so the zebra reminds us to be unique and embrace our differences.

Zebras members of the horse family with their foal were the motivation for me to design and craft the popup card with the zebra family model. The zebra popup card with black and white stripes on the body. Daddy horse, mother horse and foal are leisurely grazings, enjoying a simple life next to the stream.

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Popup card model is simulated with a picture of a family of Zebras being happy together. Their family have mother horse and foal  are relaxing on the green grass next to the stream, daddy horse is alertness beside.

Zebra pop-up card is our fantastic greeting pop-up cards completely handcrafted, and suitable for all of the special people in your life: mom, wife, sister, niece, friends, co-worker, kids, daughter, granddaughter, grandmother, father, husband, brother, nephew, son, grandson and grandfather…

Give as gifts or use as greeting cards, you will hit the spot and will leave any wildlife lover with a big smile on their face, it also educates your children to identify the animals and helps them develop their brain.

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