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We have seen the dove bird being associated with words like peace and love, there are many recorded tales and events in history that describe how the dove became symbolic.

They have a round and a stout body, short neck and beak. They are excellent navigators, which also makes them capable of delivering messages. Apart from these traits, they are extremely popular, and are often associated with strong emotions.

Doves are considered birds who mate for life, and are extremely loyal. They raise their young ones with great care and dedication. They build their nests in areas near human settlements.

In a way, this may have given people the opportunity to witness the immense love, care, and loyalty displayed by white doves. They are harmless birds and feed on fruits, plants, and seeds. People quickly associated doves with peace, love, and dedication.

Pure, white, and humble as they are known to be, doves make for a beautiful sight. White doves lend a sense of freedom; they are the universal symbol of peace, humanity, and love.


If dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional disharmony, be it of the past or the present. Dove helps us to rid trauma stored within our cellular memory. In particular, white dove dreams represents loyalty, love, simplicity, gentleness, and friendships.

Dove symbolism can also be heralding an end of a problematic cycle in your life, thereby announcing a time of new worlds opening up to you. In other words, there are possibilities of a new romance, new friendships, and new beginnings on the horizon for you.

The white dove symbol is used a lot on postcards, but with a postcard built with a dove using a three-dimensional model, you probably don’t know.

We have created a popup card with the model of pigeons. When you open, you will see a flock of white doves flying in the blue sky.

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This popup card can mean a lot to both the sender and the recipient this is a unique gift handmade craft to help
 you stay connected with those you don’t get to see that often.

Dove popup card will bring the peace in your life. If you are looking for divine inspiration? Need to feel closer to family? Dove popup card can help you connect to them.

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Dove popup Card contains everything you need to send warm wishes to friends, family and loved one for any holiday season.

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