Cardinal bird popup card and Christmas

Cardinals are known to represent faith, hope, and love, which is one reason they’re often found on holiday decorations like greeting cards, wall decor, pillows, wrapping paper. Over the years, the Northern cardinal has also become associated with the Christmas season.

Of all the Christmas symbols, one that has long puzzled yet charmed me is a pretty little bird we call the Cardinal.

Red evolved into a universally-recognized color for Christmas as a symbol of the blood of Christ which He shed to redeem all of mankind. The cardinal’s vibrant crimson is a lovely reminder to focus on our faith in His atonement and the hope and peace that it brings

That’s why the cardinal is so often seen on Christmas cards and as decorations on trees, wreaths, and garlands as well as painted on shop windows in winter or Christmas scenes.

In addition, unlike most northern birds, Cardinals don’t migrate south for the winter, so they stay home year round making them one of the few types of birds one might see during the Christmas season.


Perhaps that is why a cardinal messenger is so often chosen to deliver such deeply significant messages to us. With his bright red color and powerful call, the cardinal tends to stand out from the crowd. There are times when it may be possible for a little red cardinal to get our attention when nothing else can, especially in times of depression and grief.

The more we learn about the messenger, the more clues we may gain about the message. While each message is special and unique to the individual, the cardinal messenger has some unique qualities of his own. Relating these cardinal qualities to your particular life situation may help you to understand more about your uniquely individual message.


Send a popup card with the red cardinal bird with the red hat on a head, a symbol of the peaceful and happy Christmas to your loved ones.

You can also use a blue bird popup card with a red hat on a head too. This is a pair of meaningful popup cards Christmas season for you to offer as gifts.

Blue bird Xmas popup card

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