Blue Throated Hummingbird 3D Pop-up


Blue-throated Hummingbird is a large hummingbird that is named for the iridescent blue throat patch (gorget) of the adult male. They also which is also called the Blue-throated Mountain Gem.

The Blue-throated Hummingbird measuring 11.5 to 13.5 cm (4.5 to 5.25 inches) in length and weighing between 6 to 10 grams. Their wingspan is typically 79 mm (3.1 inches) for males and 68.5 mm (2.3 inches) for females (Johnsgard, 1983; Howell, 2002).

Common Physical Traits: The upper plumage is dull green, fading to a medium grey on the underside. It has white stripes behind the eyes and a narrower stripe extending backward from the corner of its relatively short bill, next to a blackish cheek patch. The tail feathers are iridescent bluish-black with broad white tail with white tips on the outermost tail feathers.

The male has an iridescent blue throat patch (gorget), which may appear black or grey color in poor light, why it is called as such.

The female’s throat is grey. Otherwise, males and females look quite similar.

Juvenile birds look like females, except for a buffy edging on most feathers, especially on crown and rump (lower back).

The Blue-throated Hummingbird is most easily differentiated from other species by their two white facial stripes. The Blue-throated Hummingbird eats more insects than other hummingbird species, allowing them to do well in areas where the more nectar dependent species could not survive.

With the special color of Adult male, we simulated a hummingbird model popup card with features: Greenback and crown, dark gray breast, bright blue gorget, dark blue tail.


Seeing a hummingbird is a reminder of how you can use your energy resources for enjoying life to the fullest. When a hummingbird appears near you, they are reflecting the positive side of life by showing you the joy in small things. It’s important that you honor the small things in life and let go of the heavy toxic ones. A feather of a hummingbird symbolizes love, beauty, and intelligence.

Dreams of hummingbirds may either reflect your characteristic trait or point at some positive occurrence in life. They can also be analyzed as symbolizing the power and potential that small ideas and concepts possess.

Order and have a hummingbird popup card as your spirit guide means that you love celebrating the sweet moments of life. You are playful and know how to express love fully. When a hummingbird comes to you, understand that every challenge can be triumphed easily by adopting a positive outlook.

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