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Why we send a greeting cards?

The tradition of sending cards on birthdays and special occasions dates right Why we send a greeting cards

The general production of greeting cards really took off in the 1850s with companies beginning to produce greeting cards to be sold in shops. Since then, greeting cards have been an important part of all occasions.

Is there a future for greeting cards in this age of e-mail and instant messaging?

For many of us, our mobile devices are our regular go-to option for communicating, however, there are still plenty of reasons to send a trusted greeting card.

When a card is received, an emotional response is elicited.  The limbic system plays a part in this stage, with its role in behavior, emotion and emotional memory.  Studies have found that the emotional response to a greetings card is greater than to a digital message or email.

Think about picking up your mail, there's a bright card envelope among the bills, and instantly your day is brighter. It brings the knowledge that someone cares enough about you to take the time to pick out and mail a special message to you. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or the annual holiday card, it is sure to bring a smile to your face. E-mail would be difficult to illicit the same emotional response.

Why we send a greeting cards?

The birthday card with it's tradition of sentiment and goodwill can lift your employee's morale just knowing you cared enough to remember. The sincerity and comfort of a sympathy card can express feelings you may have difficulty expressing verbally. An annual holiday greeting card sent to family and friends allows you to keep in touch and reminds everyone that you are thinking of them.

A greeting card expresses all the human emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humor, love and admiration. It allows us to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched our lives. Sending personalized greeting cards allows us a vast variety of sentiments that allow us to express our caring to family, friends, customers, clients and employees...

Even if you are expecting cards on a birthday, you never know until you tear open the envelope what the card will look like or what is written inside.  Some cards are so beautiful or significant that they can feel like receiving a gift. Here are the reasons why we should send a greeting cards

1 To Make a Real Connection

This may sound pretty obvious, but in the modern world when everyone is so busy, popping a birthday or anniversary card in the post is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, especially if you don’t get to see each other very often. 

Your personality shines through when you actually write something with a pen, you can’t go back and change what you have written or stamp out all the personality from it. Usually, your first thought is the one that makes that real connection, and not for your editing to write. So write down what you think from the bottom of your heart

2 Give Them Something to Open on Their Birthday

One of the reasons to give a greeting card is to gift your friend or family member the chance to open something on their birthday. The physical action of tearing open an envelope and revealing the card within is much more satisfying. This is especially important given the rise in popularity of gifting experience type presents. Without a real birthday card to uncover and hold, the recipient may not have anything to open on their big day.

Many of us rely on Facebook to remind us of people’s birthdays. We fire off a short message to their wall and that’s that. But no one is going to remember fondly the time they spent scrolling their Facebook messages on the day they turned 30.

Why we send a greeting cards?

3 Greeting Cards Are a Reminder of Joy

The physical card also acts as a constant reminder of joy for the amount of time your loved one displays it. Every time they walk into their living room, they see the collection of greeting cards that reminds them they are loved. Facebook posts slip down the timeline within hours and are soon forgotten. A display of cards cannot be ignored, and that is why it’s so important to send a greeting card.

How many of you have a box hidden away somewhere full of old cards or postcards from friends and family, reminding you of special occasions?!  I certainly do, and cards are a great way of reminding you of important moments. 

In fact, when you think about it, for most of life’s big milestones, it’s the trusty old greeting card that we turn to, to mark the occasion!  Some cards are even perfect for framing and keeping out on display all year round!

4 Show Someone You Are Thinking Of Them

You do not even need a special occasion in order to send a greeting card. To go out of your way to buy a card, write in it, get hold of a stamp and send it, shows that you are really thinking of the person you are sending it to.

Receiving a card really can mean a lot to some people.  Not only does it show you care, but it shows you have made that little extra effort to take a few minutes out of your day to spend the time picking out something you know the recipient will really like. 

You may just have found a design that you think the other person will enjoy, it could be that they need cheering up, you might simply want to reconnect after not talking for a while, but the fact that you went above and beyond a text message shows the other person how much you care.

You can get cards for all occasions, and some of the best ones are those that you send ‘just because’.  It’s a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them, or if someone is going through a challenging time and you’re not quite sure what to say, a card can say it for you.

Why we send a greeting cards?

5 Give Them Something to Keep

One of the best reasons to give a greeting card is that the recipient can keep it forever. Yes, you could store a text message on a phone, but the likelihood of it being deleted or otherwise lost is far greater than if they place a greeting card in a treasured safe place.

A sympathy card can communicate comfort and tenderness, a get well card can inspire hope and show how much you care, whereas a birthday or just because can convey humor, fun and happiness.

The benefits to mental wellbeing are numerous.  The recipient can feel more socially connected and less alone.  Reducing a sense of isolation through sending a card is an easy way to make a difference and show that you are thinking of that person.

Not only is sending a card a great opportunity to flex those handwriting skills, but it also helps keep the long-standing tradition of sending greeting cards alive!

Even more amazing when you use 3D cut popup cards, it will impress, surprise the recipients, and the models of the cards will also be kept or displayed by them.

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