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Why Roses 3D Cut Popup Cards are a perfect gift

The rose is truly a special plant and is not without reason the most beloved flower in the world. They don't only give a fresh bouquet of red roses as a gift but also use 3D cards that simulate the image of a rose with many colors such as yellow, white, blue, and black...

Roses as a symbol of love probably originated from the myth of Adonis. After this, red roses became the symbol of eternal love and therefore frequently given on days such as Valentine's Day.

Why Roses 3D Cut Popup Cards are a perfect gift

The symbolism of the color of the roses

Rose colors not only red roses have symbolism. For example, blue roses symbolize mystery, also blue is the color of rebellion. Yellow roses are ideal for giving away to friends and green roses as a gift represent freshness and surprise. Orange roses bring warmth and joy and pink roses can be given as a thank you. Black roses are a gift for a sad occasion such as a farewell. White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity and loyalty, also an appropriate gift for a fresh start. A colored bouquet you choose for happy occasions and to celebrate life

Why Roses 3D Cut Popup Cards are a perfect gift

Rose 3D Cut Popup is a sustainable gift

Behind every bouquet is a symbol that fits different occasions and personal preferences. Choosing a rose card is the perfect gift, you can keep them for some years without watering or caring, especially suitable for people with pollen allergies.

We want nothing more than to create 3D rose cards with many colors and designs to suit many recipients of rose cards. It is very important that it will make the recipient feel special, and impress them with our unique and luxurious cards.

Why Roses 3D Cut Popup Cards are a perfect gift

Looking for the perfect 3D greeting card bouquet?

Consider what color roses your relatives, friends, neighbors or best friends like, then the symbolism of the rose color to choose to suit your purposes.

Our rose greeting cards are made from premium paper, carefully assembled for strength and easy opening and closing. Each card comes with 1 envelope, and 1 PVC cover. A lot of beautiful pink roses 3D Pop-up greeting cards are made in different types. This beautiful rose basket 3D pop-up card is designed for Birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Other Special Occasions

Why Roses 3D Cut Popup Cards are a perfect gift

Have you found a suitable card yet? Giving a rose 3D card as a gift is always a good idea to include with another gift. 3D cards will be the place for you to send greetings to them and remember you every time they open the flower card to see.

A rose 3D pop-up card is carefully crafted with intricate details, that emulate a real bouquet, the colors and design are carefully chosen to express the love and appreciation you have for your loved one, this will make the card special and unique.

Why Roses 3D Cut Popup Cards are a perfect gift

Treat a loved one to this beautiful handmade 3D rose Popup card, you can have it for any occasion just let me know so we can make it perfect for the special occasion!