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Symbol meaning of parrots

Parrots are very social and colorful so it’s not surprising to find that humans have fancied them for a very long time. The Ancient Egyptians kept Parrots as pets, specifically the very intelligent African Grey.

The Greeks and Romans started keeping Parrots, particularly in noble families, they had specially created cages fashioned from precious metals and stones to caring for the Parrot.

Macaws are some of the largest of the Parrots and have striking feathers. Most often the hue of a Parrots’ plumage contributes to the overall symbolism and meaning. For example, a Parrot that’s predominantly green may radiate healing energy. His or her songs or words could open your Heart Chakra for the energy of forgiveness, growth and compassion.

When Parrot Spirit Animal wings its way into your life, be on the lookout for fresh ideas and signals that indicate a new direction for your work, relationships or spiritual pursuits. Parrot often speaks through omens and signs that come repeatedly.

Another reason Parrot Spirit appears in people’s lives has to do with color. Look around yourself. Do you work in dark, dingy or bland space? What about your home – does it have plenty of sunlight and paint or decorations that uplift? If not, you need to address this in some way be it in the way you dress or the meaningful knick-nacks you bring into your space.

For those who have lost sight of their dreams and those things that really inspire, Parrot says return to those roots. Your hopes are not gone; your chances are possible. Repeat the steps that you took years ago with the wisdom and skills you have now. You will find your way.

Symbol meaning of parrots

Those born with the Parrot Totem Animal are people who really focus on their goals with confidence. They know both their limitations and talents and use that awareness for fueling success. They see opportunity and jump on it without a lot of forethought because the Parrot Totem energizes your inner diplomat. You find yourself finding compromises for situations without breaking a sweat.

If Parrot is your birth totem you love a good party. Honestly, you might find any excuse for a good celebration with lots of iridescence. That spirit of finding joy in each moment is contagious, it touches everyone around you bringing smiles.

When you have a parrot dream, it symbolizes the fact that you are mirroring habits, characteristics, or actions that are not necessarily reflective of who you are. In other words, you are repeating cycles and patterns in your life, some of which may not be positive. If this bird is in the air flying, it represents someone who is a people “pleaser.” This type of person accepts everything they are told to do or believe without any real scrutiny. If this bird is in a cage, it symbolizes the inability to integrate the lessons you see reflected through other people’s words and actions.

In some cases, this bird could symbolize a person in your waking life who is eccentric and obnoxious. It may also mean that you or someone close to you is being repetitive or mocking. Alternatively, like the chicken dream, this bird can also represent the sharing of messages or gossip. Therefore you must think twice about repeating or sharing specific information.

In symbolical sense, parrots represent many things, this makes parrots extraordinary and exotic. Their symbolism is associated with the idea of something exceptional attraction, pride and self-confidence are great inspiration for happy birthday pop up cards.

Symbol meaning of parrots

We have created a Macaw paper pop up card with the 2 models for scarlet macaw and blue& yellow macaw. You can use Macaw pop-up cards to give to your friends and relatives on any occasion of the year to send the best wishes and parrot’s meaning to the recipient.