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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Symbol and Meaning of mantis

Praying mantises are carnivorous insects that, as adults, are about the size of a teacup. They get their name from the shape and position of their front legs, which resemble the arms and hands of a person at prayer. The praying mantis enjoys a diet of live insects, including grasshoppers, flies, and moths.

A Spiritual Symbol of Peace and Patience

The Praying Mantis naturally attracts attention. Its beautiful color and graceful form command us to look and ponder. Encountering these remarkable insects may indicate that Spirit is speaking to you in an important way. Are you willing to listen?

Praying Mantis Symbolism.

Spiritually speaking, the praying mantis is the symbol of peaceful meditation, silence in prayer, and mindfulness. This could be an indication that you need to incorporate one or more spiritual practices into your daily schedule.

This is a popular symbol of balance and patience. Therefore, a praying mantis sighting can often be the Universe’s way of telling us to slow down. They’re here to remind us to get in touch with our spiritual, thoughtful side again.

Is a Praying Mantis Good Luck?

They are both patient and precise when on the hunt for food, they will wait to attack their prey only when they are 100% sure of achieving their goal. They intellectually know that being too anxious or moving too fast will cause them to lose the object of their desire.

They teach us to be patient and to wait. As the old adage says, “Good things come to those who wait.”

If you have spotted a praying mantis, encounter one in a dream, or are exposed to a picture of a praying mantis online or in a book, this may be a sign that good luck will come to you when you are able to observe an opportunity and are ready to take it.

Symbol and Meaning of mantis

The praying mantis animal totem also teaches us how to still our bodies and go within our own mind. By doing this, we can connect with ourselves, drawing up greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power. This stillness and concentration is a form of meditation, a practice that the mantis places much importance in.

The mantis comes to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives. The praying mantis meaning has a variety of traits: temperance, quietness, awareness, calmness, clairvoyance, patience, mindfulness and innovation. The praying mantis always comes to us when we are internally craving peace, quiet, and calm in our lives.

With that symbols and meanings, it inspired me to design and create a 3-dimensional mantis model to create a unique greeting card for a gift.

The mantis was modeled as a 3-dimensional popout cards with a  green Praying Mantis stately stands on a blue leaf, surrounded by 4 purple leaves. It seems that they are trying to protect the young shoots of the trees against harmful pests.

Symbol and Meaning of mantis

Praying Mantis popup card is an effective learning tool for children, helping them recognize shapes, colors of animals, thinking and brain development about the animal world.

You can use Praying Mantis happy birthday pop up cards to farmers with a message that the Praying Mantis will be beneficial for them in terms of getting rid of insects that eat their crops and in helping the environment as well.

Embrace your unique gifts by the popup greeting 3D card for giving to your friends, colleagues and your relatives. Each pack includes Pop-up card, Thank you and meaning; Wishing notepaper with your own message; yellow emulsion Envelope, Polybag to cover and protect all.