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Some interesting points of parrots

Parrots are long-lived, intelligent colorful birds. There are around 393 different parrot species including macaws, parakeets, lorikeets keas, lovebirds, cockatiels and cockatoos. Parrots are found on all tropical and subtropical continents and regions including South and Central America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania. The greatest diversity of parrots is in South America and Australasia

The colorful, clever and super entertaining birds are truly an experience to witness and also having as a pet. Parrots are known for their amazing colorful wings, their curved bill, and upright stance and not to forget their talking ability which makes them very dear to humans.

Besides being the experts in picking up different accents, parrots have a lot more other things worth knowing. Here are some interesting facts about this beautiful bird:

1.To be smarter than others

African Grey parrots are the most heavily studied species of pet birds and have demonstrated a very high level of intelligence. There are several types of macaws to have similar levels of intelligence.

A Canadian study showed that after analyzing 98 different bird brains there is a definite difference in the size of one specific part of a parrot’s brain. This part of the parrot’s brain is similar to that of a primate’s, another highly intelligent animal, and is responsible for communicating between the cortex and cerebellum. It is called the spiriform nucleus and in parrots is two to five times larger than it is in a chicken. This part of the brain is thought to play a major role in the planning and execution of advanced behaviors.

Some interesting points of parrots

2. Parrots are the only birds that can eat with their feet.

Parrot feet are like human hands. They don’t just walk or perch on them. They can pick up objects with them and even pick up food and bring it to their mouths.

This means they have four toes on each foot, two facing forward and two facing backward. They have very strong feet that allow them to cling to branches for long periods of time and even swing from them or hang from them upside down. Most species of parrots are able to use their feet to manipulate food into their mouths, much like the way humans use their hands.

In the same way we humans can be left-handed or right-handed, parrots can be left-footed or right-footed. Parrot toes are configured for maximum grip: two in front and two behind, like two pairs of opposable thumbs, their unique feet combined with beaks that can crack even the world’s toughest nutsmake.

Some interesting points of parrots

3 .The world’s largest parrot cannot fly.

The kakapo is the world’s largest parrot, It can weigh up to nine pounds and grow over two feet long. The kakapo, however, is a flightless bird. It is the only flightless parrot in the world, it can jump and is good at climbing trees to eat fruits.

It is also the only parrot that is active at night, an adaptation that helps it escape the notice of predators and one of the rarest birds in the world.

Some interesting points of parrots

4 .Parrots have been kept as pets for 3,000 years.

Parrots were first kept as pets by ancient Egyptians and then by the Indians and Chinese. They were brought to Europe in 300 BC, often kept by the rich or the nobility. Famous people who have owned pet parrots include Aristotle, King Henry VIII, Marco Polo, Queen Isabella, Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria, Martha Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Steven Spielberg.

Today, parrots remain the most popular pet birds in the world. Keep in mind, though, if you are planning to have a pet parrot of your own, that parrots need a lot of affection and stimulation. If not trained well, they can be noisy, chew excessively and bite.

Unfortunately, the parrot pet trade is one of the reasons many parrots are now rarely seen in the wild.

Some interesting points of parrots

5 .Parrot Feathers Contain Natural Antibacterial Agents

The brilliantly colored feathers on parrots come equipped with a bacteria-resistant pigment called Psittacofulvins. Only parrots are known to produce and it gives feathers their colorful hues.

Parrots come in a variety of bright colors, mostly made up of greens, reds, blues, and yellows, when exposed to damaging bacteria, the pigments help prevent degradation of the feathers.

Many parrot species are in decline and several are extinct. Of the 393 or so living species, 130 are listed as near threatened or worse by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and 16 of which are currently considered critically endangered.

What can you do to care for parrots. Living a life according to your values, including highly valuing birds and their well being, helps you integrate your behavior with your values, which brings satisfaction and a deep indwelling source of happiness and joy to your life.

Some interesting points of parrots

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