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Lovely Pop Up Gift Cards For Baby Shower

Do you have an invitation to a Baby Shower ceremony? Need some special presents for the congratulation of your friend’s newborn baby? If that is what you want, come and browse these lovely pop-up gift cards for Baby Shower right away!

Flamingo Bird Pop Up Card

Lovely Pop Up Gift Cards For Baby Shower

Do you want to congratulate your soon-to-be-parents friend on their baby shower day? If you do, don’t hesitate to give them this wonderful 3d card. This template is beautiful with a blue cover and a simulation of a Mother Flamingo bird and her baby in a pink color tone.

The flamingo is a stunning bird that represents stature and grace. It also stands for beauty, well balance, peace, happiness, and love. Moreover, the image of Mother and Baby Flamingo birds signifies the sacred bond between a mother and her child.

Therefore, the Flamingo Bird Pop Up Card is undoubtedly one of the most meaningful presents for the Baby Shower. In addition to that, this animal card also offers a blank space for you to write your own heartfelt messages.

Unicorn 3D Pop Up Card

Lovely Pop Up Gift Cards For Baby Shower

Continue the Baby Shower cards list is an outstanding pattern of Unicorn. The card has an amazing cover in blue-sky color and is decorated with a beautiful laser-cut image of a unicorn. Inside it is a model of a gorgeous unicorn galloping across the top of a cloud.

If you learn about European folklore, you will know that the unicorn is a white horse with a long silver horn and wings. This mysterious creature is a symbol of freedom, purity, innocence, healing, positivity, joy, hope, and happiness.

To any parents, a baby is considered the most precious gift from heaven. That is why you should use the Magical Unicorn pop-out card as a perfect way to send your best wishes for the new baby and his or her family.

Koala Bear Family 3D Pop Up Card

Lovely Pop Up Gift Cards For Baby Shower

Another unique gift card for the Baby Shower is a Koala Bear Family 3D Pop Up Card. The designer was really clever when using the image of a Koala mother and her newborn. She is taking care of her baby while sitting on a tree branch. Look at happy smiles on their face. How sweet is that!

Although Koala is an animal associated with stillness and gentle nature. Many believe that if you dream about a Koala, this is a sign of a good omen. Don’t lose hope and believe in the future. The best thing comes before you notice it.

Giving the Koala Bear Family 3D Pop Up Card is an opportunity for you to congratulate the arrival of a new baby in the family or just simply to cheer up someone who has just given birth.

Gift Basket 3D Pop Up Card

Lovely Pop Up Gift Cards For Baby Shower

Last but not least, celebrate the upcoming Baby Shower party with this joyful card of Gift Basket. It is a sweet paper sculpture with a beige cover and a lovely three-dimensioned figure of a basket full of colorful gifts and flowers.
Surprising presents are often welcome at almost all parties. They are not only a symbol of hospitality, kindness, and happiness but also can positively boost people’s moods.
For that reason, the Gift Basket 3D Pop Up Card is exactly what you are looking for for the upcoming Baby Shower party. Let the recipient feel your heartwarming sentiment with this awesome card.