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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Love Symbol from 3 Animal popup card

Symbol meanings come in many animals appear in our lives with a message of love. These special animals serve as reminders of love and convey messages specific to compassion, ardor, passion and tenderness. A love symbol in the form of an animal can be meaningfully described through our animal popup cards.

1. Dolphin:

Love Symbol from 3 Animal popup card

Along with speed, diligence and intelligence the Dolphin is also a messenger of love. This is partly due to its association with Delphi, which signifies the love embodied within the womb. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was said to take the form of the dolphin and was also known as the Woman of the Sea.

2. Dove:

Love Symbol from 3 Animal popup card

Long admired for being a symbol of peace, the Dove is also a messenger of deep symbolic love. Slavic legend states that upon dying, the soul is transformed into a Dove which wings its way into the loving heavens.
In Hinduism the Dove is an emblem of spirit, and the infinite capacity the spirit has for love.
In Greco-Roman mythology, the dove was a sacred creature to Aphrodite/Venus.
In the West, the Dove (as well as turtledoves) symbolize love and are frequently seen in wedding traditions.

3. Ladybug:

Love Symbol from 3 Animal popup card

Perhaps best known as an emblem of luck, the Ladybug is a love symbol too. Asian traditions hold to the belief that if caught and then released, the Ladybug will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in his/her ear.
Upon hearing Ladybug messages, your true love will hurry his/her way to your side. Ancient farmers of the land have considered the Ladybug a good omen as she controls aphid populations. The number of spots on a Ladybug’s back is said to indicate the number of months to pass before the wish for love comes true.

Love symbols profoundly assist us in describing the often elusive emotion that consumes us when considering love itself. When we think of love, we can easily become overwhelmed by its vastness. Love symbols help us capture a small portion of what love means so that as we grow. There are specific pop up card box that represent faithfulness and love. These popup card meaning of love via Symbolic animal. Our popup cards will inspire you to take different paths on the way to love. I mean by that, the love will bee comes forth forcefully into unique ways.
Which do you like? I hope you have found these animal love symbols meaningful and helpful.