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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Lessons from the movie “Finding nemo”

Everybody knows this little cute clownfish from the movie “Finding nemo”, the story of Nemo is more interesting when you know more about it

Through the film we have learned important life lessons.

A relationship is about “give and take”

Clownfish and anemone sea work together to help each other. Mutualism is a type of symbiotic interaction that guarantees a favorable outcome for all organisms involved.

While clownfish are adored for their bright colors, they also have a flaw—they are relatively slow swimmers! They are homebodies because they are would be easy prey if they wander away from their sea anemone. Clownfish usually venture only several inches  from home.

Lessons from the movie “Finding nemo”

A relationship about family

Families can talk about how parents have to balance their wish to protect their children from being hurt (physically or emotionally) with the need to let them grow up and learn how to take care of themselves, like Marlin has to in Finding Nemo

Even more surprising is the parent learns a valuable is not to dominate his child. The best of all is the way it addresses questions that are at the heart of the parent-child relationship, and a father’s never-ending love for his son

Sometime we are so worried about living in a new place because we have no ideas what will happen. The movie tell you that just go ahead, be brave. You will get more after you try.

The movies teach children and adults some great life lessons. Life can be so hard but “Finding Nemo” teaches us that when life throws us a curve ball, we have to keep swimming through life and figure it out. The activities are also a good way to hone their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Life is full of challenges and sometimes things do not go as expected. There will be failures and downfall but that shouldn’t stop anyone from taking up challenges and exploring new avenues in life. If you really want to achieve something, keep trying until you reach your target!

Lessons from the movie “Finding nemo”

The movie also introduced many viewers to a few of the numerous species that inhabit the ocean. The film also included messages about environmental conservation and the importance of healthy reef systems . the ways in which humans affect the natural world, whether their intentions are good, bad, or indifferent can disrupt nature.

Clearly, then, Finding Nemo contains a very environmentally friendly message – nature is valuable, full of life, beautiful, and, because of these traits, worth saving, worth protecting.

With profound educational meanings, we made the Nemo birthday pop. You can use popup card to give to your children, or use it as a year-end bonus, birthday gift … If your child has not seen this movie, after giving and saying best wishes, you should advise them to check out the movie “Finding Nemo”

All we can say is that it’s for children, motivated by a love of Nemo characters I created a 3D Nemo fish model inside a popup card. When you open it you will be surprised at a fish swimming in the space before your eyes.

Lessons from the movie “Finding nemo”

Surely your memory of the clownfish is coming back just like me, own a clown fish pop art card so you can see them every day without having to take care.