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Koala Symbolism and Meaning

1. Koala Symbolism & Meaning

The koala may be one of the best animal symbols when it comes to adapting a Zen attitude towards life. They very rarely let annoyances bother them, and they respond to only real threats. This is a wisdom that we humans could greatly learn from.

Humans, despite having the highest intellects among all earthly creatures, aren’t very good at controlling emotions. We react greatly to unimportant things, only because they appear urgent (and even then this urgency may be misjudged). The koala teaches us that we should learn to properly discern what is important and what isn’t, which things will have their impact years down the road and which will only be minor annoyances.

When the koala climbs aboard as your spirit animal, it’s time to spread the love. Aside from being really cool, the koala has a natural maternal instinct (as all marsupials do). This means they form really good bonds with their families, and this same instinct extends to others, too.

And of course, following the example of the koala, one could only spread the love if it stems from oneself. The presence of the koala reminds us to be kind to ourselves, to give ourselves a break and to not rush things too much. There are times when in our quest to grab opportunities, we are doing more harm than good to ourselves. So don’t rush, cut yourself some slack, and take a breather every once in a while.

Koala Symbolism and Meaning

2. Koala Power Animal

If you’re suffering from stress in daily life, and if you need to find a way out of the hamster wheel, then call on the koala to give you much-needed relaxation. The koala energy helps you find real relaxation that comes from within, a choice you make instead of something that is given from the outside.

The koala is also a great help if you’re feeling out of tune with your mind and body. More often than not, our stress comes from the heavy feeling of things slipping through the cracks, of events going beyond our control. The koala reminds us that in every storm there is an eye, where things are calmer. Add to this the fact that it is also from this eye that we get a new perspective on things!

3. Koala in Dreams

When you dream of the koala, you should take a moment to step back and look at the defenses you have set up around yourself in your waking life. Are they still protecting you, or have you grown so much that they have started hampering and constricting you? Maybe it’s time to loosen up. The things you have been shielding yourself from in the past may already be just trivial happenings today.


Koala Symbolism and Meaning

When you encounter a koala, strive to be a peaceful influence on others as well. Peace isn’t meant to be something experienced by your lonesome. Be sensitive to the atmosphere around you, and strive to send out relaxing vibes especially when things seem charged. This way, you not only help them take on the difficult world, you have also helped them take one step closer to a higher mental plane that starts with being at peace with oneself.

Pop up card simple Koala shows that you need desire to break off from depending on others to enjoy your own freedom, do not over-depend on others, this is hidden messages for you to send to someone.