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Heartfelt and Meaningful Sympathy Pop Up Cards

Unlike cards for other occasions, a sympathy card is one of the best ways for you to show your care and comfort for someone who has just experienced loss. Send them your most honest condolences with our collection of heartfelt and meaningful sympathy pop-up cards below.

White Sympathy Lily 3D Pop Up Card

Heartfelt and Meaningful Sympathy Pop Up Cards

It’s not easy to comfort someone who experienced loss. However, you can do that with a White Lily 3D Pop Up design. This sympathy card uses a neutral tone with a grey cover and a white printed image in the front of it. Inside the card is a model of an elegant White lily, contrasting with the green color of the leaves and the dark blue background.  

Lily is an herbaceous flower that can be found in many places around the Earth. This flower is a symbol of rejuvenation, purity, sweet and innocent. Many people also believe that the lily represents the Virgin Mary.    

There will be a time that we need to write a Sympathy Card. That is why the White Lily hallmark greeting card can be a perfect choice for you. You can use it to ease the pain of those who have been through a rough time. 

Daisy Bushes (Olearia) Hedge Plant Flower 3D Pop Up Card

Heartfelt and Meaningful Sympathy Pop Up Cards

 Another option for your consideration is a pattern of Daisy Bushes. The cover of this card is in a dark green color and embellished with a picture of a wild daisy and a butterfly.    

Upon opening the card, the receiver will be surprised with the paper sculpture of a gorgeous Daisy Bushes (Olearia) Hedge Plant Flower surrounded by a white hedge. There are also some colorful butterflies fluttering above these flowers.      

In Norse mythology, the white daisy is an iconic flower of Freya – the goddess of love, beauty. It signifies innocence, purity, motherhood, and new beginnings. Its beauty of daisy is also believed to bring peace to any soul. 

A handwritten message of sympathy can show how much you care for the grieving person. Therefore, don’t hesitate to tell the bereaved that their loved one also mattered to you a lot by giving them this Daisy Bushes (Olearia) Hedge Plant Flower 3D Card. 

Dove Pop Up Card

Heartfelt and Meaningful Sympathy Pop Up Cards

The next sympathy pop-up gift on our list is a template with the dove figure. This card depicts some lovely white doves spreading their wings and flying in the sky.  

The dove or white pigeon is a familiar image to various countries in the world. It carries many symbolic meanings. For example, this bird is released in ceremonies as a positive symbol of unity and peace.  

On the other hand, in the bible, doves were portrayed as innocent and sweet animals. They represent wholesome brothership, purity, and honor.    

You can give this Dove Pop Up Card to cherish the memories of the one you care about with words of sympathy and a meaningful note. 

Daisy Vase 3D Pop Up Card

Heartfelt and Meaningful Sympathy Pop Up Cards
Continue with a different design associated with the daisy flower. This flower 3d card is gracious with a printed illustration of a sweet daisy vase on its grey cover.    

Upon opening the card, it reveals a three-dimensional figure of a round-shaped brown vase with delicate white daisies. The green leaves emphasize the beauty of the vase. 

Daisy stands for true love, friendship, cheerfulness, innocence, purity, and new beginnings. Whether you give a real or paper daisy, this flower often brings relief and serene.      

For that reason, express your most honest condolences and appease the sorrow of your acquaintance with this Daisy Vase 3D Pop Up Card.