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Carnation 3D Cut Popup card and the Meaning Of Colors

Beautifully described as Gentle, Graceful, and Glorious, the carnation is a meaningful and expressive floral choice.

This flower belongs to a species of flowering plant called Plantarum. The Latin name of this flower is Dianthus Caryophyllus. The word comes from the words Dios and Anthos. Dios means god, and anthos means flower. From that, it can be concluded that the meaning of this flower is the flower of the gods.

According to a Christian legend, the first carnations bloomed on Earth when Jesus carried the Cross. Witnessing the plight of Jesus, Our Lady began to shed tears and pink carnations grew from where her tears fell. So, the pink carnation symbolizes the undying love of a mother. In ancient times, the predominant colors of carnations were pink and peach, however, over time, the variety of colors has expanded to red, white, yellow, purple and even green.

Carnation 3D Cut Popup card and the Meaning Of Colors

This flower includes several varieties, named based on their color or pattern. Among the flowers are white, red, pink, purple, and yellow and have a striped pattern. This carnation has a meaning in each color. Therefore, do not choose the wrong color if you want to give a carnation bouquet to someone.

What do the different colors of Carnations mean?

Red carnation

It carries the meaning of friendship and admiration, this flower is understood as the meaning of love and affection. They do not necessarily represent strong, passionate feelings of love, but rather a softer and more subtle expression.

Red carnations are often given to people we admire, such as teachers or idols. It can also be given to a friend who is having a birthday. The light red carnation symbolizes the delicate and gentle expression of love, while the dark red carnation symbolizes the deep feelings of love and affection.

Pink carnation

Many people say that pink carnations symbolize eternal love and the sincere love of a mother. This flower has a very deep meaning right? So, no wonder, this pink carnation is often chosen as a Mother's Day gift. They mainly symbolize filial piety and motherly love, pink represents maternal protective love.

The light pink meaning of the carnation is mother-like love and an expression of gratitude. Deep pink carnations are given to express tenderness and affection. In some cases, they can also be used to express budding feelings on a first date.

White carnation

White is the color of purity and luck. Likewise, giving a white carnation to someone conveys a message of pure love and prosperous life. It can be given to elders on their birthday or to someone who is starting something new in life.

Purple carnation

These flowers show capriciousness, implying purple carnations often offer condolences for unfortunate circumstances. They may also be presented to seek an apology.

Carnation 3D Cut Popup card and the Meaning Of Colors

Yellow carnation

The yellow carnation meaning is negative for the recipient. They convey a word 'disappointment' and even rejection. You should give them to someone you don't like or if you want to break up.

Yellow carnations symbolize rejection and disappointment in someone. The reason is that when you are emotional and frustrated, you feel very lazy to send flowers. But if you really want to give something sincere like a bouquet of yellow carnations, you can give it when you want to end the relationship with your loved one..

green carnation

Blue flowers are often used to symbolize calm, truth, and spirituality. The symbolism of truth in the blue flowers makes the blue carnation so popular at weddings, it serves as a reminder, the devotion and true love that the bride and groom are Have. This blue carnation can be used as a wedding decoration or can also be used as a hand-carried bouquet for the bride.

We are sure that with the specific color meanings illustrated above, you have a clear understanding of the meaning and importance of the different colors of the Carnation. Make wise choices for your loved ones with 3D carnations embossed cards!