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6 Amazing Facts about Dragonfly

Dragonflies are among the most interesting animals in this world. There are many unknown things about these creatures that are waiting for us to discover. In this article, we will introduce you to 6 Amazing Facts about Dragonfly.

6 Amazing Facts about Dragonfly

1. Dragonflies can intercept prey mid-air

Dragonflies would be terrifying if you were a gnat, mosquito, or other small bugs. They don’t simply chase down their prey. Instead, they snag them from the air with calculated aerial ambushes.

Dragonflies can estimate the speed and trajectory of a prey target. Then, they adjust their flight to intercept prey. Dragonflies are so skilled that they have up to a 95 percent success rate when hunting.

2. A dragonfly’s head is all eyes

if you look at a dragonfly’s head, you might notice one thing in particular. The area of a dragonfly’s head is comprised principally of its enormous compound eyes. These eyes contain about 30,000 facets. Each brings in information about the insect’s surroundings.

Dragonflies have a near-360-degree vision with just one blind spot directly behind them. This extraordinary vision is one reason why they’re able to keep a watch on a single insect within a swarm and go after it while avoiding mid-air collisions with other insects.

6 Amazing Facts about Dragonfly

3. Some dragonfly species lay eggs in saltwater

Entomologist Chris Goforth said “There are very, very few insects that live in the ocean. Several ideas have been proposed to explain why … but one of the obvious reasons is that ocean water is salty and some insects might not be able to handle it. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for some dragonflies though! Some species, such as the seaside dragon let (Erythrodiplax Berenice) can successfully produce offspring in water many times saltier than the ocean.”

Indeed, the seaside dragon let is an outstanding species because its habitat consists of salt marshes, mangroves, and saline lakes. It’s the only dragonfly species in North America (but not in the world) with a range that’s restricted to salty habitats.

4. Dragonflies breathe through their abdomen

Dragonflies breathe through spiracles which are tiny holes located on their abdomen. They can beat each pair of wings together or separately and their rear wings can be out of phase with the front wings. Their wing beat is around 50 – 90 beats per second.

6 Amazing Facts about Dragonfly

5. Dragonflies are Masters of Flight

Because their sets of wings operate independently, dragonflies can hover in one place for up to a minute. These animals can fly backward and sideways and change directions.

The backward speed is approximately three body lengths per second, while the forward flight speed can reach up to 100 body lengths per second. However, another fascinating fact about these creatures is that Dragonflies do not walk.

6. The Weather has influences on Dragonflies’ Behavior

Dragonflies are known to be strongly affected by changes in weather.   Changes in weather throughout the day can have a significant impact on how a population of Dragonflies’ behaves.

In fact, the weather plays an important role in their behavior. You can learn this through countless scientific papers: “As most of you reading this will know, it’s a nice sunny day. they will fly high. But, before rain or the weather deteriorates, they will fly lower.”

6 Amazing Facts about Dragonfly

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